Consignment – Solely Responsible Kicks



We have a 90/10 split (10% commission rate.)

For example, if an item sells for $400 after transaction fee, the owner of the item would receive $360.00 (90%) and SR Kicks would retain $40 (10%).

Note, items sold online are usually priced a little higher to offset fees.

ie. A $400 item would probably be listed at $425 for online purchase.


" Consignment  is the act of  consigning , which is placing any material in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold or person is transferred."  In this case, the material in the hand of another (SR Kicks) are authentic sneakers that you own and will retain ownership until they're sold by SR Kicks.


You can send SR Kicks your deadstock and near deadstock sneakers, which SR Kicks will hold and sell for you.  In return, SR Kicks will retain 10% of the selling price and send you 90% of the selling price.  ie. Client 1 sends SR Kicks a VNDS (worn 2X) of Jordan IV 'BRED'.  We agree on a listing price of $250 and the sneaker is sold for the listed price.  SR Kicks will keep $25 (10% of $250) and send Client 1 $225 (90% of $250).


1). Only authentic sneakers will be accepted, and the sneaker owner will need to send Solely Responsible Kicks at least 5 photos of the product for consignment.
Do not send Solely Responsible Kicks any replicas or fake sneakers. Do not send us any sneakers that aren't at least 9 out of 10 condition.

2). Solely Responsible Kicks will list and hold sneakers for at least 30 days. Solely Responsible Kicks determines how long to continue to list/hold an item that has not been sold within 1 month.

3). If the sneaker owner would like their item returned after the item has not been sold within 30 days, the sneaker owner will be responsible for return shipping costs.

4). When sending us your sneakers, ensure that you are double boxing the sneakers and insuring the item. Solely Responsible Kicks is not responsible for stolen packages or packages that are not delivered.

5). Please include a sheet of paper with the info below:

-Your full name

-Your asking price (the amount that you would like after the transaction of selling your sneakers is complete)

-Your paypal e-mail address

-Your mailing address

-Phone number

6). All fund transfers will be handled via PayPal.

7). Sneakers must be shipped to the address below:

SRK Shipping Dept
P.O. Box 93234
Las Vegas, NV 89193